#557 Franklin Ave.

Luxury living meets experiential design. Developed with a focus on all five senses, the House of
Perspectives highlights time, space and form at every turn - redefining opulence as contemporary
sophistication that champions how feel, through experience. Inspired by Italian modernism and
Japanese architecture, this two-story, 4 bedroom + 3 bathroom estate is situated on a 9,700 square
foot lot with 15+ dedicated-use spaces, a detached garage, and plenty of wow factor. Laid-back L.A.
style and cosmopolitan sensibility make this Brutalist-meets-Zen residence the ultimate balanced

retreat. A perfect blend of subtle and elaborate, with legacy in mind.


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+1 310-849-1965

3 Bathrooms

4 Bedrooms

Los Angeles, California

$4,000 / night

Tel: (310) 849-1965