Social Media Content creation and influencer marketing for brands

1. Using our location inventory to find the perfect shoot locatons

2. reaching out to the most suitable influncer based on the brand and follower requirments

3.Getting creative team in place

4. Creating content

5. Editing Content

7. Distibuting content via social influencers

8. Showcase

For the New Smart Home development on Painted feather way we created a " Mannequin Challenge" Stye video to showcase the detail of teh property as well as the photoshoot in progress.


9. This video was simultaneosly uploaded to Instagram by all the influncers in the video reach millions of views in less than a day.

All contect is created by a highly skilled creative team of Influencers. All the photographers, Videographers , Sylist and MUA are among the most tallented in the business have large social media followings themselves.


10. Our relationships with Influnencers

Our large network of Influencers

30 plus photoshoots in 2017

Collaborations with over 100 of the top influencers in LA, Vegas and Miami